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This is a very enlightening and informative post. As one who has not used nor I am gonna use this mechanism because for me it outweighs the cons as suppose to the pros. Do not get me wrong credit cards are a good innovation since in my eyes it is safer and not to mention bringing large bulk of paper bills everyday is not only bothersome but more importantly it can be easily stolen as suppose to the digital system as this.


That said this article hits home for me because in all honesty if a user does not know a thing about credit cards It leaves the door open for unfair policies to creep in because at the end of the day MONEY is the name of the game and ignorance of your rights will be really damaging to a common user. In that regard THANK YOU!!!


Lastly I believe that no system is bad however it is better safe than sorry. How to use credit cards responsibly is a knowledge that is vital since it is not all just swiping funds or whatnot but rather a financial system that has consequences that will place anyone in debt if it is used recklessly.